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Free Beat: Lyrical Dr Smith – Shan Tea DA fork ( Prod. By M6dproducer)

Here comes the free instrumental to the recently released from the J-Town Supper Cool Cat Act,Lyrical Dr Smith produced by M6dproducer.

Download and use it wisely.



Comedy Video: Shifu Da Chinese Pastor Comedy Skits – Watch Here




shifu da Chinese pastor dance osinachi by humble smith ft davido with emmy king and alhaji gwise


COMEDY PLUG FROM ALTER by CHINESE PASTOR MINISTRY was a successful event and one of its king in nasarawa state which feature a lot talents such as,music,comedy,dance and drama..
on the day the likes of pastor nickodemus,mc bassey,mc dangwari,prime access,edeecee obuje,ishaya Dan,MT da comic,priceless and her twin sister affection,chahur shadrach,mc optimistic,DA holy mouth,all stars dance and drama crew,top solos and lot more were present.
watch now and enjoy,,,if you missed this dont miss it next time.

music:Mackup – Can’t stop me @mista_mackup

Kingsley Nduba popularly known with his stage name Mackup, the famous singer of “make me go mad” featuring  Nasarawa peace ambassador “jae trace”. he also,early this year feature NSUK producer of the year genesis of rhymes title “treat” this is currently making waves in radio stations across north central Nigeria.

chahur shadrach album cover
four days to go for the launching of the album 

Mackup has a sweet melodious voice  that will garnish your thought anytime you hear his song.

Here is another hit single by Mackup,”CAN’T STOP ME” backed up by same soul,goldeen voice singer “jae trace”

Download and enjoy,don’t forget to drop your comment before leaving.

for boking & inquiry call: 07063075739

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Love or lust?

Let’s get something clear – love at first sight doesn’t exist.If you find yourself making declarations of undying love five minutes after you’ve met someone for the first time, chances are your genitals have seized control of your vocal chords and are making you sound like a bit of an idiot when what you really meant to say was ‘I love having sex with you.’It’s easily done.

Sex and sexual attraction are such a massive part of dating that its not surprising many of us get confused between what is love and what is lust.

I know I struggle with it at times, especially when I find the woman I’m with insanely hot.

Here are five surefire ways to tell if your heart or your genitals are in charge of the words that come out of your mouth.

Love doesn’t want to own, control or possess

It wants you to help, support and encourage.

It is the desire to see the person you care for grow into the best person they can possibly be, even if you know that this means it could take them away from you.

Lust, however, just wants to be sated constantly. It is a craving, a yearning, a desire or an obesession without the urge to see the other person develop.

Lust is selfish

It thinks only of itself. Even when you are thinking of the other person 24 hours a day and you find yourself up all night ruminating on their magnificence, the only reasons you are thinking of that person so much is because of what they can do for you.

Love takes time


FILM : Sleepless in Seattle (1993) Picture shows Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meeting for the first time with Ross Malinger looking on, at the top of the Empire State Building, New York.

Hm. Have rom coms been lying to us all these years? (Picture: Columbia TriStar)

How can you love someone you don’t know?I’ve met many women I’ve thought were amazing, solely because I was attracted to them, only to find out later that they had personalities that made me want to claw my ears off so I didn’t have to listen to another word that came out of their mouths.Lust is obsessed with the physical

It is a narrow concept that doesn’t encompass the whole person, usually because you haven’t yet had the time to learn about the person fully.

Basically, you’d rather shag than have deep, meaningful conversations.

Love will urge you to find a balance between itself and lust

Lust, however, will want all of your attention and will encourage jealousy when its needs are not being met.

Lust is great. Let’s not pretend that’s not the case, but it’s not love, and the confusion between the two leads to all sorts of problems further down the road as you actually get to know someone.

However, luckily, most of us pass through lust to get to love and, if we’re lucky, the lust stays as the love develops.




Herbalist works faster than prayer???

“Does herbalist works faster than prayer?”

This is a question that many had asked overtimes because when many of us prayed we hardly receive answers from God but when people go to an herbalist within an eye blink they receive what brought them there.

does that mean GOD is deaf or doesn’t answer prayers?

but another question is why do we hearken to the instructions of an herbalist than that of God?

somebody will say because i will urgently get the answers to my requests.

someone once told me i do not need to worry about anything it is just for me to give that man money and i get all i want in life, i also heard some people sacrifices their son, mother, father, brother, sister or any part of their body just to gain wealth and protection.

and GOD said i need nothing from you but your humble heart, he said i give wealth without adding sorrow to it. Seek to know my ways first and i will add other things you need in life.

Wow…..quite surprising?

if them who said GOD created me will humble themselves and ask anything from me then will i hear them from heaven.(2chron. 7:14)

there is no condemnation in them that love GOD, “amazing”

fear not for i am with you always, hmmm, what other protections stronger than this.

ask in faith and you will get it as fast as you want it (james 1:6), did someone just said unbelievable?

What about when he said my word is quick and faster than electric current (heb. 4:12)?

GOD is not a man that he will lie.(numb. 23:19)

I heard inspirational speakers said the reason we are yet to succeed is the fact that we have not tried.

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wizkid stole my stuffs – dammy krane

Dammy Krane tweeted few  hours ago that Wizkid stole couple of his stuffs,  but he is yet to mention exactly what he stole from him, there are speculations that they are material things or just his music.  the fans are however anxiously waiting to hear from Dammy Krane the exact thing Wizzy stole, how ever there is no reply from Wizkid yet.

see Dammy Krane tweets below:-

my fathers name is “surulere” my mothers name is “Kemi Oshodi” ask around,I hold street for pocket

— #ENTERKRANER (@dammy_krane) January 12, 2016

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Davido Threatens To Do Worse If His New Artiste Doesn’t Win Next Rated

Davido is yet to reveal to us who is new signee is but he is getting us excited about it!

Davido wanted Lil Kesh to win the recent Next Rated Awards but he was snubbed. The HKN chief has aired his disapproval that the 20 year old did not win.

Lil Kesh’s boss Olamide famously ranted after his artiste didn’t win and Davido has promised he will do worse than Olamide did by pulling a Kanye on them (the Headies organizers) when the time is right.

He tweeted last night,