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Herbalist works faster than prayer???

“Does herbalist works faster than prayer?”

This is a question that many had asked overtimes because when many of us prayed we hardly receive answers from God but when people go to an herbalist within an eye blink they receive what brought them there.

does that mean GOD is deaf or doesn’t answer prayers?

but another question is why do we hearken to the instructions of an herbalist than that of God?

somebody will say because i will urgently get the answers to my requests.

someone once told me i do not need to worry about anything it is just for me to give that man money and i get all i want in life, i also heard some people sacrifices their son, mother, father, brother, sister or any part of their body just to gain wealth and protection.

and GOD said i need nothing from you but your humble heart, he said i give wealth without adding sorrow to it. Seek to know my ways first and i will add other things you need in life.

Wow…..quite surprising?

if them who said GOD created me will humble themselves and ask anything from me then will i hear them from heaven.(2chron. 7:14)

there is no condemnation in them that love GOD, “amazing”

fear not for i am with you always, hmmm, what other protections stronger than this.

ask in faith and you will get it as fast as you want it (james 1:6), did someone just said unbelievable?

What about when he said my word is quick and faster than electric current (heb. 4:12)?

GOD is not a man that he will lie.(numb. 23:19)

I heard inspirational speakers said the reason we are yet to succeed is the fact that we have not tried.

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